To get 100% of monies raised by charitable donation to the brave people of Ukraine in the form of much needed goods (mostly new medical supplies and essentials) but being able to send what the people ask!

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We all want to do something to help these poor people.

Take me. I was going to drive one of my delivery vans to Ukraine to deliver the vast volume of much-needed and essential items which had been donated to my help-appeal, but we were short of drivers and driving to Ukraine would cost upward of £2000 per van in fuel alone.

Speculatively I reached out to supply chain contacts I have worked with for many years because I appreciated that shipping 26 pallets at a time in an articulated lorry would be a much more effective way of delivering vital supplies.

In a matter of days, they had reduced me, a hardened businessman of 55 to tears with their generosity. I had hoped they would let me use a lorry or two at cost – approximately £8000 per lorry per round trip journey, but they came back to me offering me not just a couple of lorries but all the trucks I need FOR FREE & GRATIS and volunteered to pay for the necessary drivers, the necessary fuel, cold storage and haulage association fees.

They have also offered to arrange the export and customs paperwork as well as using their professional connections and logistics skills to plan drop off points on the Polish border and in Ukraine. What an amazing gesture from generous and thoroughly decent people!

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On the strength of their amazing generosity, I have been able to widen the scope of my help-appeal reaching out to businesses acquaintances near and far as well as to the local community who have volunteered to help raise money for crucial medical supplies (eg for burns, shrapnel wounds and infections but for every day health essentials such as toothbrushes, diapers and sanitary towels).

Everything we send to Ukraine has to be brand new, sterile and packed for transport – to fill a 26-pallet articulated lorry is expensive, but every penny we are able to raise will go directly to buying these much-needed supplies.

Can You help?

If you manufacture health and sanitary products, are you willing to donate a quantity or allow me to buy from you at cost?

If you are like my wife and I, just ordinary people with a heart, please give whatever money you can afford. I guarantee that every penny donated will get through to the brave people of Ukraine.

Thank you


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